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MBE Reciprocal Certification
The application fee is non-refundable.
  • $300 - Gross sales are up to $1 million
  • $475 - Gross sales are above $1 million but less than $5 million
  • $625 - Gross sales are above $5 million but less than $10 million
  • $800 - Gross sales are above $10 million


A reciprocal service application is a form submitted by a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) from one National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Regional Council to another requesting to be provided all the services given to its locally certified MBEs. This includes access to a database of other MBEs and Corporate members, being placed in the local database, access to the Councils programs and events, inclusion on information and opportunities shared with all MBEs and a reciprocal certificate.

MBEs applying for a reciprocal certificate must be in good standing and actively certified with their local Council. The reciprocal service period is equivalent to the certification period the MBE has with its local Council and will expire on the same day as its local MBE certification. The reciprocal certification must be renewed annually upon recertification with the MBEs local Council. The fee for reciprocal services is that same as the fee charged to a local applicant.

SFMSDC MBEs Seeking Reciprocal Certification
If you are a certified MBE of the SFMSDC interested in reciprocal services with another Regional Council affiliate of the NMSDC, Click here to log into the Portal to access information for all affiliate Councils. Reciprocal certification must be filed initially with the affiliate Council. Upon receipt of your application they will contact the SFMSDC for verification of your local certification.

MBEs seeking Reciprocal Certification with the SFMSDC
To acquire reciprocal certification with the SFMSDC, you must be currently certified with your local Council affiliate of the NMSDC. If your local Council is a part of the new AdaptOne system log into your local portal and select Reciprocal MBE for a link to the SFMSDC's Reciprocal Application. If your local Council is not a part of the new AdaptOne system click the button above to complete an online Reciprocal Certification Application.




The mission of the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council is to link Corporations and Government Agencies with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion.

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