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MBE Profiles

Sheron Chin
Owned by Sheron Chin and Maria Kramer, Standing Ovations is a full-service catering company that fills a niche in the
Owners marketplace by providing a fusion of Caribbean, Latin, Southern and healthy cuisine. Standing Ovation’s presentations
please the eye and flavors excite the taste buds. In addition to catering, the company also offers event planning, design,
floral, rentals and staffing services.

Prior to starting their own business, Chin was a restaurateur in New York and was featured on “Throw Down with Bobby
Flay” (she won!), and Kramer was a business consultant and lifelong foodie. After 20 years in New York, Chin decided to
move to Miami and partner with Kramer to launch Standing Ovations Catering, a company that would not only embody
the attraction of Miami, but also bring forth the fusion of many cultures.

Standing Ovations is unique because it takes the best of Caribbean, Latin and Southern cuisine and makes it healthy,
while maintaining the explosion of flavors. Together, Chin and Kramer work to go beyond their clients’ expectations
to make each event “an affair to be remembered.” The company’s clients include Broward College, Pirtle Construction,
SFMSDC, ICABA International, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Thermal Concepts, Jack and Jill Foundation and Bailey Hall.

Since starting Standing Ovations, Chin and Kramer have won Broward College’s Chopped event. “Since becoming a
certified Minority Business Enterprise, we have experienced major business growth, received technical support, much
needed exposure and attended wonderful networking events,” said Chin.
To learn more about Standing Ovations Catering visit or call 917-496-3111

Technical Assistance FPDDreoOvgeTrlDaompBmE Sepnetcialized
Program (TAP) Offers
The Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council
FREE Legal, Marketing, Accounting manages the Florida Department of Transportation DBE
and Business Consultations Specialized Development Program in partnership with Ariel
Business Group. The primary goal of the program is to increase
Certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) can receive the number of DBEs participating on FDOT contracts and the
unprecedented access to technical and professional services dollar percentage awarded to DBEs. This is accomplished by
in the areas of legal, marketing and business development, as providing assistance to prime contractors and facilitating
well as accounting and business compliance. the development of DBEs to obtain contracts.

The Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council The program provides:
(SFMSDC) has partnered with leading experts in all three • Assistance to prime contractors to meet their DBE goals
industries to offer professional consultation and assistance by helping the companies identify qualified DBEs to
through the Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Legal services bid on FDOT priority projects;
are provided by Quintairos, Prieto, Wood and Boyer P.A.; • Technical assistance referrals to assist DBEs with
marketing and business development services are delivered building their capacity to do business with FDOT;
by Garth Solutions, Inc.; and LM Austin, LLC offers accounting • DBE capacity assessments to evaluate the capacity of
and business compliance services. DBEs to do business with FDOT and prime contractors;
• Administration of the Bridging the Gap Mentor Protégé
The SFMSDC covers the cost of the first two hours of consultation Pilot Program.
per SFMSDC certified MBE and three hours per MBE subscriber.
Additional hours are available at reduced rates. The goal of TAP Since January 2013 the SDP has helped DBEs receive over
is to empower firms with professional guidance as they compete $70 million on major projects.
for new contracts or revenue-generating opportunities.
To learn more about the FDOT DBE Specialized Development
To schedule a meeting Program visit
call (305) 762-6151
or log on to
• FDOT’s annual budget is $6.5 billion
• FDOT’s capital budget over the next five years is

$33.8 billion
• Florida’s transportation system includes roadway,

air, rail, sea, spaceports, bus transit, bicycle and
pedestrian facilities

Specialized Programs and Services For four decades, the Southern Florida Minority Supplier
Development Council has been a vital link between Certified

Benefit Corporate Members and Certified MBEs MBEs and Corporate Members. The Council offers tremendous
advantages for both.

Becoming a Certified MBE of the SFMSDC opens doors to a wealth of opportunities, including:

National certification accepted by thousands of companies and government
World-class programs and services that help companies grow
Meeting buyers and decision-makers who purchase products and services
Access to technical assistance, training and financing
A network that gives companies a competitive advantage

Corporate Members Regional and national training
PowerNet Matchmakers
benefit from several Mentor protégé program
programs and services, Mentoring of new Supplier Diversity professionals
including: Best practices information
A database of certified MBEs
To learn more about becoming a Corporate Distribution of bids
Member or a Certified MBE, call (305) 762-6151 National conference
Recognition programs
or visit

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