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National Corporation
of the Year Award

Striving for Excellence in Minority Business Development

This is the highest award presented to a current national corporate member of the FSMSDC. The
Corporation of the Year consistently demonstrates a commitment to minority purchasing, technical and
managerial assistance and sponsorship of minority programs. These companies have or are striving to
establish world-class supplier diversity programs.

National Corporation of the Year Nominees

AT&T is committed to the development, growth and improvement of minority
businesses. The company is a founding member of the Billion Dollar Roundtable,
an organization that was established for corporations that spend at least $1 billion
annually with MBEs. AT&T’s Prime Supplier Program is one of the most essential
efforts withinAT&T’s Supplier Diversity Program. Since 1989,AT&T’s Prime Supplier
Program has helped its prime suppliers increase the utilization of diverse businesses
in its supply chain through subcontracting/tier 2 arrangements. The program helps
AT&T’s prime suppliers establish their own Supplier Diversity Programs and develop
an annual plan outlining how their companies will provide better business solutions
by working with diverse businesses. AT&T’s investment of $7.1 billion with MBEs
in 2016 displays the company’s efforts to identify, evaluate and position suppliers
for business opportunities. The results of these performance metrics are regularly
provided to managers and business unit leaders to maintain a continued focus on
attaining a nationwide corporate supplier diversity goal of 21.5%.

CHEP is a leading provider of pallet and container pooling services for the aerospace,
automotive, chemical, consumer goods, fresh food and manufacturing industries.
CHEP is committed to providing equal procurement opportunities to all suppliers
and promoting supplier diversity throughout the CHEP USA supply chain. Last year,
the company spent approximately $46 million with 53 certified NMSDC MBEs.The
company also develops MBEs in areas in which they are not represented. The most
recent endeavor was identifying suppliers in the transportation industry that have
scalability and encouraging them to begin cross-regional or national operations.

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