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Local Corporation of the Year Nominees (continued)
Orlando Health

Encouraging diversity is a core commitment at Orlando Health. It is a commitment
that is emphasized from the highest levels of leadership, demonstrated throughout
the workforce and embodied in the mission and long-term business planning.
Orlando Health’s Diversity & Minority Business Development Department serves
to support the introduction of diverse vendors to Orlando Health and Healthcare
Purchasing Alliance. The Supplier Diversity Program’s main objective is to provide
diverse suppliers with equal access to business opportunities at Orlando Health
and Healthcare Purchasing Alliance. Orlando Health supports numerous diverse
business organizations and outreach programs.The total diversity spend in 2016 was
$65 million. Certified supplier included Carter-Health Disposables, American sign
Language Services Corp.,Tronex International and ImageMaster.

Tampa International Airport
Tampa International Airport is the 29th-largest commercial service airport in the
United States, with approximately 230 commercial aircraft departures occurring daily.
Its supplier diversity program began more than 25 years ago and, on average, woman-
and minority-owned business participation in all design and construction has been 15-
16%, and 20% in concession, from businesses including Bay Coffee & Tea Company,
Vistra Communications, Foresight Construction Group,Tinsley Family Businesses and
VoltAir Consulting Engineers. In 2013, the airport embarked on the first phase of
a 20-year Master Plan construction project. From the estimated cost of $1 billion,
$122.8 million was targeted for participation by woman- and minority-owned firms,
but that number has now been exceeded. More than 145W/MBE subcontractors have
been paid $130.6 million, and final payments are projected to reach $172.4 million
at the airport. In June 2015, the governing board for the airport approved its largest
concessions redevelopment plan ever, which increased its minority-owned business
participation from three concession companies to 15 and resulted in $16.8 million in
revenue for fiscal year 2016.

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