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Doing Well While Doing Good®
Humanitarian Award

Charitable, Unselfish and Kindhearted

The DoingWellWhile Doing Good® Award recognizes Minority Business Enterprises, large corporations,
government agencies and educational institutions for their civic, philanthropic and volunteer initiatives.
This honor is presented to an organization that is making a difference in the community.

®Doing Well While Doing Good Humanitarian Award Nominees
American Sign Language Services
When Angela Roth moved to Central Florida in the early 1980s, she found that
services for the local deaf communities were scarce. By 1998, she founded American
Sign Language Services Corp (ASLS) to provide professional sign language services to
the deaf, giving them access to communication avenues they need to share the many
beneficial qualities they contribute to the Central Florida community. ASLS supports
and hosts many local events and conferences to educate and empower the deaf about
topics such as deaf rights, disaster preparedness and more. ASLS also works within
the under serviced deaf/blind populations, providing both services and cutting-edge
technology tailored to their needs.

Foresight Construction Group
A culture of service defines Foresight Construction’s commitment to making
a difference. Under the umbrella of education and development, Foresight
participates in many local and state initiatives and organizations that have a focus on
providing educational opportunities to students, especially the underprivileged or
underrepresented, and to providing development opportunities for professionals,
including owners of other small and diverse businesses. The company has provided
board service for 12 nonprofit organizations since 2000, financial support to 13
organizations and volunteer support to 10 organizations dedicated to education
and development annually. During, the past three years, Foresight has supported
University of Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center, Children Across Borders, several
education foundations and other organizations through fundraising, sponsorships,
scholarships and more with donations of over $132,000.

M.C. Harry & Associates
Leadership at M.C. Harry believes that the lack of African-American presence
in architecture affects the richness of the industry as evidenced in other art forms
that African-Americans have had a tremendous, global impact in, such as music,
literature and acting. M.C. Harry’s initiative to open the architecture industry
begins with African-American children, who the firm believes are largely unaware
of the opportunities that exist in the industry. For 60 years, the firm has proven that
diversity and inclusion are great assets, and one of its goals is to impact its immediate
community with a free outreach workshop that goes into predominantly African-
American neighborhoods to educate children about architecture with the Black
Architects in the Making Program (BAM). M.C. Harry has collaborated with A1A
Miami Chapter, Overtown Youth Center, Muhammad Mosque #29 and the New
Educational Paradigm Center to conduct multiple workshops in Overtown, Liberty
City, Homestead and Richmond, reaching out to more than 250 students.

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